Explore Depression Data
Depression Summary Statistics
  • Explore Subject Counts of individuals, sib groups, and trios that satisfy specific demographic, genotypic and phenotypic characteristics. If they add value to your research, you may request access to individual-level data and to biomaterials.
  • Explore Summary Charts
  • Display the counts of:
    Drilldown order:
    1. Select whether to display counts of biomaterials or individuals. Note that selecting "Individuals" will display information only about individuals with available biomaterials. More than one type of biomaterial may be associated with a single individual.
    2. Define a "drill down" order for the counts. Drag and drop the attributes into the desired order.
    3. You may click on a slice of the pie chart to drill down into it, that is, to display the breakdown of that slice by the next attribute in the order you defined.
    4. Finally, you may save the chart being viewed using the "Export" menu.
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