NIMH-RGR Data Explorer

NIMH-RGR Data Explorer is a tool that supports simple querying of the data files on the website. Using an intuitive interface, select various filtering criteria and immediately obtain the subset of data that is of interest to you. Retrieved results can be saved for future analysis.

You will obtain counts of results if you don't have access to individual-level data, or request access to view the complete data.

  • Data Explorer Supports

    • Querying by demographic, phenotypic, genotypic, and pedigree characteristics.
    • Selecting SNPs of interest based on gene, chromosome or position range.
    • Retrieving Rutgers ID information for pedigree/family of selected individuals.
    • Viewing summary charts for demographic data.
    • Saving results as a .csv file or in PLINK format for future use.

  • Survey

    If there is some feature that you would like to see added to the Data Explorer, or you have comments about how you think we can improve the existing features please let us know by filling out the survey here!
  • Help

    If an additional feature or other improvement would make the Data Explorer more useful to you, or if you need help using it, please email us!
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